At Crossroads International School we believe that co-curricular activities are quintessential as they provide a wide range of opportunities for young minds to learn valuable skills such as communication, analytical thinking and social skills. Keeping this in mind we aim to engage the students in a plethora of co-curricular activities that help both develop and hone their skills. The programs are designed to provide the students with an opportunity to have enriching experiences beyond the normal school day. Rather than focusing on competition, we focus on exposing the students to new experiences and enriching their lives. Our activities are designed to be student centered and ensure maximum student participation.



A large part of school life is learning teamwork, building strength and honing that competitive spirit. Our students are encouraged to engage in sporting activities across a diverse range. We believe that sports and other competitive activities help our students grow into well-balanced individuals by encouraging them to excel, to develop their teamwork skills and of course to have fun with the rest of their classmates. This is why we have various sports included in our curriculum.


Yoga brings balance in body, mind & intellect. The focus of the asanas is not only to develop the physical strength but improve their flexibility, focus & fluidity. We constantly encourage students to engage in yoga, thereby creating a positive impact on the social and mental development of a child which is a necessity in the current time. The postures of yoga are beneficial to eliminate health ailments, helping the students to fight many problems.


Incorporating music classes in students’ every day timetables can help break the monotony in their school lives as education has become an information providing source infiltrating their minds. Music grants them an additional source to not only peace of mind but could be beneficial in the progress of their mental, emotional and psychological well being.

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Art stimulates imagination. Our art curriculum emphasizes on the development of a child’s fine motor skills i.e. the development of a child’s body and mind coordination. To watch a child completely engrossed in arts is to recognize that the brain is active and driven by aesthetics and emotions, to make meaning, state opinions and represent what matters to them.


At CIS, we believe dance is an integral aspect of a balanced education programme. It is a unique way of enhancing creativity, confidence, and expression in a student. We have introduced an entire curriculum centric to dance to make sure our students get the best chance at improving their body and mind coordination while bringing a balance to their lives.


In order to create a conducive environment to learning, our school is well-equipped with proper facilities for students and teachers. Since the facilities of a school impact the overall learning process as well as the mental and physical growth of the students, we have paid special attention to it. Crossroads International School has a  world-class infrastructure for a complete learning experience. Apart from spacious classrooms, CIS offers multi-faceted array of facilities that enhance the way children learn, play and interact.


We strongly believe in guiding our students through their learning process, giving each and every one of them the attention and support they need to reach their full potential. This is why we have an exceptional teacher-student of 1:12. Considering the quality of our teachers, getting their full attention is a true luxury that can make all the difference



We acknowledge the importance of IT, thus we prepare our students accordingly. Our small-group activities in the lab ensure they get comfortable with all the tools they might need in their life and career. Our well-designed labs are run by a qualified faculty, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child. Pre-primary kids learn words through PowerPoint presentations and innovative softwares.


We encourage love of reading in all our students and offer a wide selection of literature and academic books. Our library is a quiet and comfortable space, perfectly suited to self-study or dive into the world of books. We also have a dedicated reading corner in each classroom.



We believe that the health of our students is of paramount importance and medical care is given a high priority in the school.We have a dedicated infirmary where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention. Our well-equipped infirmary has full-time nurses and necessary medicines for emergencies.